Living - Warmth

Wood is a living, natural material delivering a warm and peaceful feeling. Its structure, its intense colour spreads a sense of well being, full of life.

Strength - Soul Searching

Stone, in its strength, brings to your place aesthetic solidity, showing his simple and elegant side, crossing time and space.

Lightness - Essentiality

Metal simplicity and essentiality can exalt either classic or modern environments, mixing lightness and essentiality.

Modern - Transparency

Pureness is appreciated in modern design: Glass is lighting up every place with his transparency.

Creative - Smart

The 3025 switch, in a small 55x55mm space, optimize the interactions between diferent functionalities, and decorate the environment choosing from all available fnishes. Suitable in 2 module boxes and fts in 55mm systems

55x55 KNX Switch

4 Channels + Thermostat

SB40AxxKNX is a KNX® tactile 4 channel push button which can be configured to manage on/off commands, dimming, shutters and venetians control, scene recall and control, sequences of 3 objects, etc; Device includes a 2 stage Room Temperature Controller with integrated PI to control heating and cooling equipments, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils; etc.. Device has a rear connector (2 poles) configurable as digital or analog input; It’s possible to connect a NTC temperature probe (eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC - not included) to have a direct temperature measurement. SB40A01KNX has a RGB led bar on the front side in order to visualize feedbacks or other values available over the KNX bus. SB40A01KNX is intended to be used in British Box, German Box or Italian 2 module box. Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.

Plastic - Chromo - SB40A01KNX-PLCR

Plastic - Black - SB40A11KNX-PLBL

Plastic - White - SB40A21KNX-PLWH

Glass - Black - SB40A11KNX-GL15

Glass - White - SB40A21KNX-GL10

Aluminium - SB40A01KNX-MT60

Aluminium - Gold - SB40A24KNX-MT61

Wood - White/Oak - SB40A21KNX-WD50

Wood - Black/Oak - SB40A11KNX-WD50

Stone - Slate - SB40A11KNX-ST40

Touch Panel 3,5” KNX

The touch panel is equipped with a 3,5 inches coloured display; dimming, status, values, lighting, shutters and timers are controlled and password protected when needed. Using the embedded temperature sensor and the embedded room temperature controller function is possible to manage valves, fancoil or other HVAC equipments. RGB coloured Led or lights are controlled with dedicated control elements and a proper KNX interface (DMX, 1-10V and DALI available); The device includes a number of pre-programmed logic including control of electrical loads with automatic power-off priority, (this feature is available in combination with eelectron KNX power measuring device). Available in various colours and finishes is based on Linux OS but can be programmed using only ETS without any additional SW. Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.

Plexiglass - White - VS00P10KNX

Plexiglass - Chromo - VS00P20KNX

Plexiglass - Black - VS00P30KNX

Glass - White - VS00G10KNX

Glass - Ice White - VS00G11KNX

Glass - Black - VS00G30KNX

Aluminium - VS00M60KNX

Aluminium - Gold - VS00M61KNX

Wood - White/Oak - VS00W50KNX

Wood - Black/Oak - VS00W51KNX

Stone - Slate - VS00S40KNX

Custom Shop

We have selected building methods, processes, supply chain management with the unique goal of ofering to our clients total fexibility while choosing for 3025 fnishing.

Standard code products, the most requested ones, come along with infnite options sharing the same quality level and production process.

Stones, real woods, nuances, essences, materials, customization possibilities on the product and on its icons, are merging into a new structure, at your disposal.

Ask to our specialists to be followed in the selection, sampling and delivery process.

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customize your icons

Eelectron creates architectural and design elements shaped to leave a coloured and graphical sign in the space.

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